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Spring Semester Classes

With snow on the ground it's hard to believe that spring is just around the corner but it is! While you wait for the first spring flowers, consider taking one or more of the spring semester classes with your Senior College friends.

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The Sixties

Learn stuff, gain some insight. This class will be 12 hours of structured discussion about the historically “long” Sixties, 1960-1973. Themes will include Vietnam, Immigration and the Chicano Movement, American Indian Movement, Environmentalism, and the Civil Rights Movement.

NOTE: This class does not meet on March 20th

Global Climate Change

Climate Change: Science, Impact, And Opinion: This class will inform participants on the essential science of climate, how climate can change, what the impacts of that change can/will be and the national and global discussions on climate change. 

NOTE: This class does not meet on March 21st

What Were We Thinking? Staging the Sixties

A nation’s theater is quite possibly the first register of its current concerns. If journalism is the first draft of history, then stage and film are the first draft of how we are digesting our own history and where that is leading us. In this class, we will view three plays in their film versions followed by discussions, with an idea to deriving our own definition of “the ’60’s”. 

NOTE: This class does not meet on March 21st

Let’s Go To London (by Video)

Samuel Johnson famously said “the man who is tired of London is tired of life.” In this course we shall argue that London, more than any other city on the planet, catalyzed modernity. It was in London that constitutional monarchy, participatory democracy, a free press, public concerts of music, and viable commercial theatre first flourished in modern times. We shall examine London as a leader in world trade, the capital of a rich and powerful global empire and a community that became a home to people of all nations, all faiths, and all political beliefs. “Let’s go to London, for there’s variety.” 

NOTE: This class does not meet on April 19th

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