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Winterim Classes

Nothing beats the winter blahs better than an invigorating dose of Senior College Winterim classes!! Check out the offerings below - there's sure to be something to peak your interest. All Winterim classes are free to the public so come and join us and see what all the fun is about.

Want a printed schedule of classes? Click here to download the Winterim Class Schedule.

Basic Introduction to Sign Language

American Sign Language (ASL) is a complete, complex language that employs signs made with the hands and other movements, including facial expressions and postures of the body. It is the first language of many deaf North Americans and one of several communication options available to deaf people. In this class you will learn how body and speech work together, how sign language helps us understand communication in any language and how all of us hear with more than our ears. 

Giving Your Brain a Daily Tune-Up

Like any machine, our brains can sometimes benefit from a tune-up to keep our mental cogs running smoothly. As we age our brain slows down but there are ways to counteract the progressive mental decline that everyone experiences. Come to this class to learn more. Bring your brain.

History of Kearney

The village of Kearney Junction was platted in the summer of 1871. The junction of the two railroads was completed in 1872. In the fall of 1873 a bridge was completed across the Platte, connecting Kearney with the rapidly developing areas to the south. The City of Kearney, incorporated in 1873, became the county seat of Buffalo County in 1874 and the rest– as they say–is “history”. Join Chan Lynch for his visual presentation of the history of Kearney, Buffalo County, the Kearney Army Airbase during WWII, and the history of three generations of Chan’s family.

It's All Elementary: How Elements are Different and How They're Used in Today's World

Why are some elements metals and some nonmetals? What’s a metalloid? Why is the periodic table arranged the way it is? Why do we make jewelry out of gold and silver and not calcium and sodium? Why are metals shiny? What is shiny? How do we use tantalum in the real world? These and SO many other questions can be answered by coming to this presentation. You will see examples of several different substances that you’ve probably never seen before and observe some cool demos.

One River, Two Diaries

In 1869, Major John Wesley Powell and a crew of seasoned outdoors men made the first recorded voyage of the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon. This program will be a retrospective of Powell’s experience using both Major Powell’s diary as well as Stan’s recollections of the river and Canyon from his nine raft trips through the Grand Canyon. 

Rural Health Care - A Tectonic Shift

The 1,350 Critical Access Hospitals in the U.S., including 64 in Nebraska, are the cornerstone of health care in rural areas. But changing rural demographics, economic forces and technological change are combining to put severe financial stress on these institutions. What are the forces driving rural hospital closures and what will the rural health care landscape look like in the near future? This presentation explains the current crisis and presents some possible paths forward for rural health care. 

(Dr. Jenkins is Professor of Economics & John C. Marienau Fellow at UNK)

Making Sense of Opinion Polls

In election years, polls of public attitudes are everywhere. Which candidates are gaining or losing ground? Does the public support or not support impeachment? What do people think about abortion rights, gun rights and “Medicare for all”? Which polls are legit and which are not? How do we interpret the results? Sure, polls make great headlines, but how accurate are they? Who conducts these polls and how do they decide whom to ask?

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